Thursday, September 11, 2014

AXA ION, first online life insurance store in PH

AXA Philippines, one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, continues to redefine standards by being the first life insurance company in the Philippines to offer life insurance products online through AXA iON (AXA Insurance Online).

“The internet is playing an ever increasing role in the way we communicate, transact and find information about anything,” says Rien Hermans, President & CEO of AXA Philippines. “Nowadays people meet on social media, find jobs online, buy books, gadgets, clothes, shoes, book hotels and air travel on the internet --- all of this is no surprise to any of us anymore.” 

“With AXA iON, we now give customers the chance to secure their financial future from the increasing costs of education, the burden of expensive healthcare costs, and the passing of a breadwinner, all in a digital platform and in just a few, easy steps,” Hermans stated.