Thursday, December 28, 2017

5 Tricks to avoid overspending this holiday season

Christmas is  here!  You might have just received your bonus this early, and now you’re just too excited to spend it on this and that, go on a shopping spree, or give gifts to your family, friends, or even to random people – sounds good, because you have a lot to spend so you won’t end up broke this season, right?  NOT.  The truth is, you can’t truly spend just enough without a plan.

So, how do you plan it out?  Perhaps you’ve been reading too many budgeting tips since the –ber months started, so you might have noticed by now what they have in common.  If you’re trying to come up with a Christmas spending strategy, but you’re flooded with the hundreds of advices that you don’t know what to follow anymore, go back to basics and keep it simple.  Make your funds work with you with these five straightforward tips.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Amaia Land opens Amaia Scapes Cabuyao—its newest project in Laguna

Steadfastly committed to provide affordable but high-quality homes to Filipino families, top-of-mind real estate provider Amaia Land Corp., the economic housing arm of Ayala Land, opens Amaia Scapes Cabuyao—its third and newest project in the province of Laguna.

Located on the provincial road at Barrio Marinig in Sala, Amaia Scapes Cabuyao is a fully developed community in a sprawling 6.6-hectare land in the first-class municipality of Cabuyao, a key location in the province where lush vegetation promotes a green and peaceful lifestyle.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Tagaytay Highlands: Homes Tucked Amidst the Charms of Nature

Tagaytay Highlands has long proven it is the country’s premier leisure development with its extensive collection of themed residences. The variety of residential communities range from mountaintop log cabins and tropical-inspired homes to countryside suburban enclaves. Tucked between the quiet comforts of nature is a community with a lifestyle one could only dream of.

A Captivating Living Experience at Fairfield

Fairfield is a residential community of contemporary American suburban-inspired homes sitting on an expansive flat terrain. Here, bi-leveled homes on 300 to 719 square meter lots are complemented by wide open spaces, verdant flora, and picture-perfect views of Mt. Makiling and the mountainside. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

PayMaya unleashes Christmas R&R on 12/12 with major rebates, rewards for all

PayMaya is giving all its account holders even more reasons to #ShareTheLove this Christmas as it announced today its Christmas Rebates and Rewards (R&R) promo, giving them a 50% rebate on payments made via PayMaya QR, plus an opportunity to earn P50 for every referral to PayMaya in Facebook Messenger.

“We know a lot of Filipinos are already scrambling to finish their holiday gift lists since it’s only two weeks before Christmas, so we want to give them some early gifts themselves as well as some additional joy to share with friends and family, giving them even more reasons to #ShareTheLove to all,” said Paolo Azzola, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director at PayMaya Philippines. "This all makes having a PayMaya account a must-have this Christmas season."

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Holistic Living Amidst Nature’s Splendor at Horizon Terraces in Tagaytay Highlands

Busy city life has always been synonymous to a hectic day at work and being stuck within the confines of the urban jungle. But beyond this kind of life that is constantly in demand of people’s time and attention is an endless search for a well-balanced lifestyle. This constant yearning has always been attributed to the good life – not just through the latest gadgets and luxury items – but through well-rounded living that changes you for the better. Horizon Terraces brings you more than that, with holistic living tucked in vibrant luxury and nature’s splendor. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

BPI-Philam improves customer access with Financial Technology

“Digital Transformation” is a buzzword taking over a lot of tech companies in the Philippines and all over the world, but the use of technology to revolutionize how companies reach their customers isn’t unique only to tech giants.

In celebration of Bancassurance month, BPI-Philam shares how fintech shouldn't just be at the fringes of the business and the customer journey, it should lead it.

“Revolutionizing financial security and insurance is not only about improving products – it’s also about improving our customer’s experience every time they interact with us,” said Surendra Menon, BPI-Philam CEO. “People used to have to take ten or twenty steps before they get their hands on the policy that they want. Technology has helped us cut those steps significantly, and it has allowed us to fulfill our mission of making insurance easy to get and easy to have.”

Monday, November 20, 2017

Amaia Land will turn over Steps Capitol Central North Building units to new homeowners

Sustaining its vision of providing superior-standard yet affordable homes to Filipino families all over the country, top-of-mind real estate provider Amaia Land Corporation will welcome the first of batch of homeowners by the end of the year to their brand-new units at Amaia Steps Capitol Central in Bacolod City.

Placed earlier on the selling block, a total of 288 units—or 99 percent of units were already sold to new residents of Amaia Steps Capitol Central’s North Building. As for the South Building, which was launched last April, a total of 276 units—or 50 percent of units sold—will likewise be turned over by 2020. To date, the total projected number of South Building units for turnover is 169 units.